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Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping provides your garden with structure and a defined layout. At SilverBirch Gardens we design gardens with stylish and unique hard landscaping features such as retaining walls, patios, steps, pergolas, and paths. Only the best quality natural stone and porcelain products are used for our patios. You will be invited to inspect samples so that you can get a feel for how your garden will look. All of our construction work is carried out to very high standards. We want your garden to be safe as well as beautiful. And of course, we want your investment to last for a very long while.

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Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping “dresses” your garden in the same way that an interior designer styles a room. The team at SiverBirch gardens uses hedges, trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants to provide all year round colour and interest. We may use hedges and trees to provide privacy, shrubs, and architectural plants to lend shape to your borders. Herbaceous perennials give lots of colour and texture, whilst natural lawns and wildlife meadows offer a place to relax and play. Our team understands plants and are careful to choose plants that will thrive in your garden. All of our plants are selected from specialist nurseries from the UK.

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Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is something that we encourage you to think about at the design stage. Do you see yourself sitting out on a summer’s evening with soft ambient lighting and a glass of something warming? Would your driveway feel safer if it were well lit? Modern garden lighting gives a feel of luxury and can be installed with the minimum of disruption. We only use low voltage or LED lighting for safety and economy. You will be able to control your lighting from inside your home, or even from your mobile phone.

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water feature in small garden

Water Features

Water brings a whole new feel to a garden and we often incorporate water features into our landscape designs. A wildlife pond creates all year round interest and helps you to care for the environment. You can use a sculptural water feature as a focal point. Or, you can have a small, but pretty feature to bring life into a quiet corner. As a garden designer, I like to make the most of moving water. Not only is the sound incredibly soothing – it can mask external noises like busy roads.  SilverBirch Gardens have designed and installed some beautiful bespoke water features over the years.

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Mature Trees

Mature trees bring instant impact to your garden and are perfect for privacy, natural shade, wildlife interest, or as a focal point. Combine mature trees with garden lighting to create an enchanting nighttime view from your windows. You may want to plant a specimen tree, a row of pleached trees, or an instant hedge.  Whatever your needs, the team at SilverBirch gardens can advise on the best species for your garden. We will source your trees from trustworthy nurseries, ensure that they have the proper plant passports, and then organise lifting gear to help us manoeuvre them into place.

Talk to Dan at SilverBirch Gardens about adding mature trees to your garden

artificial grass

Artificial Lawns

Landscaping companies are increasingly offering artificial grass as a low-maintenance alternative to a natural lawn. At SilverBirch Gardens we think of artificial turf as a hard landscaping material and install it with the same care as we do our patios. With the proper base layers and good quality artificial turf, an easy-care lawn can become a well-loved part of your garden. Although artificial grass doesn’t need regular mowing, it is not completely maintenance-free. Dan will discuss your needs at the design stage to make sure that artificial grass really is the right product for you.

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Drainage is one of the most important factors with any landscaping project. Nobody wants their property or their garden damaged by badly directed water runoff. Worse, poor drainage can cause serious problems with neighbours. 

At SilverBirch Gardens, drainage is considered before any other aspect of garden design. The pre-design site survey helps us determine details about the natural slope of your garden. From this we can engineer the best way to create long term drainage solutions. Our drainage systems incorporate various elements such as soakaways, rain gardens, hidden slot drains or stylish threshold drains to ensure that your project is sustainable and problem free for its entire life.

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Save yourself work by automating your garden irrigation. With a simple irrigation system, you can feel confident about going on holiday and leaving your valuable plants untended.

The SilverBirch Gardens team can install outdoor taps throughout your garden. And, if required we can design and build an irrigation system that will not only save you time – it will save water too. A drip irrigation or leaky pipe watering system directs water straight to the plant roots. Add a timer or a phone app into the equation and you can water your plants in the cool of the evening when the sun is least likely to evaporate the precious liquid.

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