Templecombe Low
Maintenance Garden

Low Maintenance Garden Design, Templecombe, Somerset

One of the biggest challenges for a landscaping company is to produce a low maintenance garden design that is interesting, usable and attractive all year round. This garden in near Wincanton was a joy to work in and we’re just as pleased with the results as the client is. 

The client brief

This new build property in Templecombe is blessed with a spacious plot. But unfortunately, the slope was proving difficult for our clients to use. As with most newbuilds, the builders had tidied the space. They had laid turf, created a tiny patio and erected a shed.  Nevertheless, what should have been the room outside, was nothing but a tired, unloved and underused lawn.

The homeowners asked Dan for a low maintenance garden design. They felt that the slope needed to be much easier to navigate. And also asked us to create plenty of resting places along the route to the far end of the plot.

Our client particularly liked the idea of having a garden that feels like a holiday destination. The idea of being surrounded by lush planting really did appeal. But, at the same time our clients were very clear that although they love being outdoors, gardening is not their favourite thing to do.

The low maintenance garden design

After he had surveyed the site, Dan created a 3D visualisation of his low maintenance garden design. His suggestion was to divide the space into a series of level terraces which  lead visitors  to the bottom of the garden. Each terrace would be offset from its neighbour. A bit like a snaking staircase – only with much wider steps.

In Dan’s design the top terrace is devoted to a large lawn with low maintenance artificial grass. It’s an ideal space for comfy seating and somewhere to enjoy sunbathing and socialising.

Between terraces, Dan suggested tropical style planting in sloping beds. The beds wrap themselves around and into the garden. By investing in mature plants, these areas would provide privacy from adjacent properties. And also create that exotic look and feel that the clients love so much.

Within the garden, Dan has recommended installing stainless steel handrails to make access easy. There are several seating areas which offer visitors somewhere to rest. Each seating area offers s different view of the space.

The clients adored Dan’s intuitive garden design. And just as soon as the landscapers were free, work began to bring it to life.

The garden

Dan and the team have created a sumptuous modern garden with lots of interest that can be used all year round.

Broad, sturdy terraces lead down from a spacious lawn and offer fabulous views of the house, the garden and the surrounding countryside. Carefully chosen plants create ambience without being difficult to look after. No need for watering! All planting beds are serviced by an automated irrigation system. The homeowners can sell their mower too. As the new lawn needs nothing more than an occasional sweep to brighten up the sward.

All in all, this low maintenance garden design has reinvigorated the plot, added value to the property and enriched the lives of its owners. Our clients love it, we love it and hopefully you like it too.

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