Garden Design Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining

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Is your garden ready to receive guests? Here are some garden design ideas for outdoor entertaining that will wow your friends and family.

As the country opens up after lockdown, we’re all looking forward to spending time with friends and family – albeit outside in the open air. So are you ready to invite people into your garden? Here are our garden design ideas for outdoor entertaining.

  • Tidy up and declutter
  • Create a sheltered place to relax – even on chilly days
  • Provide play space for children and pets
  • Consider the kitchen – cooking outdoors means you can be part of the party
  • Turn your patio into an outdoor dining room

Current COVID guidelines allow us to meet friends and family outside, and I suspect it will be a few months until indoor parties return to our social schedules. And so, the room outdoors is going to become even more important than it already is. A good garden design can make meet-ups all the more memorable. Here’s how…..

Garden design is all about functionality. When I’m designing I always aim to create places for people – the pretty bits are important, but they come later. To me, a garden that doesn’t work hard for its owners is like a sports car without an engine – nonsensical.

A place to relax with friends and family

outdoor entertaining space designed by Silver Birch Gardens

Relaxing outdoor space in a Rodney Stoke garden designed and built by SilverBirch Gardens. Read the case study here.

What do you do to unwind when friends and family come around. In our house, we always start by sitting down with a drink and maybe some nibbles. Depending on the company and the time of day, that might be coffee and cake, tea and scones, or something more potent to really get the conversation flowing.

To serve snacks outdoors, you might want to create a relaxing seating area. Perhaps a patio with comfy sofas and a pergola as protection from the British weather. Or maybe you’d prefer a more intimate area, a corner of the garden shrouded by aromatic climbing plants.  I’m a big fan of summerhouses. They double up nicely as somewhere to store furniture and toys plus they can be beautifully dressed and lit.

If you are feeling really adventurous, an outdoor cinema is a fabulous addition to any outdoor entertaining space. I would design the garden to have at plenty of seating room, a place for a big screen (or a white rendered wall) and electricity to power your projector.

Play spaces for children and pets

Bored children are no fun! Outdoor entertaining for children will, of course, depend upon their ages and interests. If you don’t live with children, you probably won’t have a stash of outside toys in your shed. So why not get creative with garden design and build in features that will amuse adults and children alike?

Giant sized board games can be designed into your patio.  

Everyone loves a basketball hoop – it doesn’t matter how big or small you are.  

Or what about mowing a maze (or labyrinth) into your lawn?

Arrange your garden layout so that visitors of any age can journey around the space. Some might toddle, some might saunter, some might use it as a race track.

bespoke tiling scrabble board for a garden makeover

A bespoke feature which makes this garden truly unique

Cooking and eating outdoors

Outdoor cooking somehow feels so much more satisfying than creating in the kitchen. Plus it’s much more sociable. If your guests need to be outside because of COVID guidance – you won’t enjoy being away from them.

Designing your garden around a modern outdoor kitchen gives you an amazing space that can be used all year round. Add a sink (for washing hands), a large worktop, safe storage for food, utensils and fuel and, of course, a heat source. I love the look of big green egg barbecues. https://www.biggreenegg.co.uk but I have my own heart set on a pizza oven (when I get round to designing my own garden)

As well as somewhere to cook, you’ll find entertaining outdoors much easier if you have a dining area. One garden design question I ask my clients, is “how many people do you want to sit down with?”.  The larger the group, the more space I’ll allocate to your patio.

Are you ready to design a garden for outdoor entertaining?

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Alternatively, why not get in touch with me, Dan Richards from Silverbirch Gardens, and I’ll help you to design a garden that will take your outdoor entertaining to a whole new level.

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