What is the best time of year to landscape your garden?

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Thinking of rejuvenating your garden and wondering when to start work? Here are some tips from a professional landscaper on choosing the best time of year to landscape your garden.

  • Many landscaping jobs can be done in all but the most extreme weather conditions
  • Start with a really good design – it’s worth getting help from a qualified garden designer. You can do this at any time of year
  • If you have a deadline to meet, it pays to plan your project well in advance
  • Bear in mind that the best professional landscapers often have a waiting list – particularly for spring and summer garden makeovers
  • Consider having work done in autumn and winter – your chosen landscaper may be less busy at this time of year
  • You don’t have to do all the work at once – it’s OK to work in stages, especially if the weather is being unkind

Every landscaping project should start with a clear plan

3d design plan for landscaping

A 3D landscape design plan helps you to visualise how you will use your new garden and allows you to change your mind several times before you start work (which is cheaper than starting work and then changing your mind!)

A clear garden design allows you to plan a project from start to finish. You know what you need to budget for materials and labour and you can decide which order to do the work in.

I always advise engaging the services of a garden designer. Ideally one who understands the landscaping process and can combine creativity with practicality.

Garden design is less expensive than you might think and can save you hundreds of pounds. And remember, a design is never time sensitive. You can design now and start work when you are ready.

When is the best time of year for a total garden makeover?


early stages of a garden makeover with groundworks

A garden makeover often starts with extensive groundworks. When deciding on the best time of year to landscape your garden, think about which season you’ll most want to be using your outdoor space. And also what time of year you least want to be actually using your garden.

If you like being outdoors in summer time, the ideal time of year to get work done is autumn, winter or early spring – that way the garden will be settled in by the time you most want to use it.

Professional landscapers have the machinery and the knowhow to work in almost any weather. We’re in tune with the seasons and have a wealth of tricks to help us surmount almost anything the elements can throw at us. The only things that threaten work are extremely hard frosts, torrential rain and very hot sun.

decking project in somerset with amazing views



Autumn and winter may not feel like gardening weather but it’s a great time of year to get major works done. This deck in Pensford will have some amazing views when it’s finished. Completing the work out of season means the garden will be ready to use just as soon as spring arrives.



Planning a garden makeover of your own?

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