Back Garden With Decking

Back Garden With Decking

This small but well appointed back garden is bordered by a public footpath on one side and a neighbour’s fence on the other.

Our clients wanted to feel a little less exposed in their outdoor space but without feeling closed in or claustrophobic. As the footpath is not usually very busy, Dan created a back garden with decking design that includes a sunken patio.  It’s perfect for privacy but doesn’t block any of the wonderful views available from this lovely spot.

Great Solution For A Sloping Garden

The garden naturally slopes away from the house which is what inspired Dan to design the garden in this way.

Beside the house is a wide deck. The perfect spot for a little al-fresco dining or relaxing on sun loungers.

Leading from the decking is a set of timber steps which take you down to the next level.

A small paved patio is surrounded by timber benches and is the ideal place for a free standing firepit.  The back rest for the benches on three sides is formed by raised beds created using oak sleepers which echo the materials used to construct the decking.

Directly opposite the steps, the raised beds are interrupted by and opening with leads to a gravel path and from there to the rest of the garden.

Very cleverly, the top of the raised beds is at the same level as the upper decking.  Which means that the slope of the garden is barely perceptible. 

Planting For Privacy

This back garden with decking and a sunken patio will feel very intimate and private once the planting is established.  However, visitors will still be able to enjoy the magnificent views across the surrounding countryside.  And with all of those trees bordering the property, I can imagine that our clients will be able to spend many an hour relaxing in their garden listening to the birdsong.

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