Taunton Traditional
Back Garden

Traditional Back Garden Design, Taunton, Somerset

This beautiful secluded garden is surrounded by old walls and had some lovely established shrubs. But it did look a little tired and overgrown.  Dan and the Silver Birch Gardens team have made a few simple changes that have completely transformed the space.

The client brief

Our client was finding her garden increasingly difficult to manage and felt that the space looked unkempt, uninspiring and unwelcoming.  Our brief was to find a way to turn it into a relaxing garden.  A seating area was a must and the client didn’t want to lose her lawn or move away from the idea of lush planting.  

About this traditional back garden design

Dan’s traditional back garden design is all about embracing the spirit of this garden and celebrating the character of the boundary walls.

If you are familiar with Dan’s garden design work you’ll know that he likes to make sure that every square metre of the space has a function.  In this garden he’s used two corners to create seating areas. 

In one corner is a pretty patio which catches the afternoon sun. By positioning the patio in full view of the house windows. Dan knows that it will entice people to come outside and enjoy the garden.

In another corner, Dan has updated a secluded seating area which is reached via a secret stairway.

The biggest change in the garden however, is the lawn.  Dan has designed a circular lawn surrounded by a path made from tumbled limestone setts which match the edging of the seating area.  

For our client, Dan’s design means no more lawn edging. The Silver Birch Gardens team have installed the turf at the perfect level so that the lawn mower will cut the edges as well as the main body of the grass.

That circular shape, also has the effect of making the garden seem much larger. Planting beds are better defined and the whole plot looks loved without losing its timeless look and feel.

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