Walled Garden in Edington

This beautiful garden in Edington has transformed a boring expanse of grass into a vibrant and exciting space for bathing in nature.

The Client Brief

Our clients wanted their new garden to entice them outside of the house and into the fresh air.  They had plenty of room but no interesting features in their large back garden in Edington.  This led them to contact Dan Richards of Silver Birch Gardens to comission an inspirational garden design.

The Garden Design

Dan re-imagined the journey from the back door into and around the garden.  As you exit the house, you are greeted by a view across the Somerset countryside.  This is cleverly framed by a long timber pergola. In the middle distance, a tree sits exactly in the centre of your view, forming a focal point.

To the left of the garden entrance is a cloister. This is formed by the wall of the property and by oak timbers which will be cloaked in climbing plants.

To the right of the garden door is a path leading to a service area with a water butt.  Between this path and the lawn is a line of tall, prairie grasses which lend movement and sound to the garden as well as offering broken views of the countryside beyond.

Walking straight ahead from the back door, garden visitors are treated to a journey through the array of scented climbing plants adorning the timber pergola.  Imagine strolling on a summers morning with a cup of coffee in your hand and breathing in the aroma of honeysuckle whilst listening to the bees.  What a wonderful way to greet the day in Edington.

Clever Use Of Limestone In This Edington Garden

Turn left from the end of the walkway and you find yourself on a circular patio created using limestone setts. Limestone is of course, in keeping with the natural geology around Edington and blends beautifully with the walls surrounding the garden.

A short path takes you to a second circular patio. This one surrounded by low upright timbers. These give a nod, not only to the two larger pergolas, but to the many neolithic stone and timber circles in this part of Somerset.

Turn left from the second stone circle and you are taken along another limestone path back to the cloister.

Every one of the paths and patios are surrounded by generous herbaceous planting. Bees, butterflies, moths AND humans will all love this garden when it’s in full bloom.

Would you love a garden like this beside your property?  Call or email Dan today to discuss how garden design and landscaping could transform your outdoor spaces.

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