Your Autumn Garden To Do List

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What’s happening in your garden right now? Consult our autumn garden to do list for ideas and inspiration for garden maintenance and improvements.

  • Give your lawn some love
  • Trim hedges
  • Sweep paths, patios and decks
  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs
  • Fill pots and planters with cheery flowers and foliage
  • Plan any improvements to your garden

Autumn lawn care

low maintenance garden with artificial grass lawn

Low maintenance artificial grass lawns have been great this summer – but they will benefit from a quick autumn spruce up

It doesn’t matter if your lawn is natural grass or artificial turf, by showing it some love this autumn you’ll find it easier to manage next year.

Artificial grass: Start your autumn lawn care by removing any furniture or toys. Left overwinter these could crush the pile. Believe it or not, weeds do grow in artificial grass! Make life harder for weeds and moss by giving your lawn a deep clean. Using a plastic (never metal!) rake or a stiff broom, brush away fallen leaves and accumulated dirt. As well as suppressing weeds, this is a great way to revive the pile.

Living lawns: All established lawns will benefit from autumn scarification. Use a spring-tine rake (or hire a mechanical scarifier) to remove as much moss and thatch as you can. If that leaves your lawn looking a bit bare, sprinkle over some grass seed to thicken the sward.
Well-used lawns will probably be suffering from soil compaction. Aerating your lawn will help the soil to drain in winter and will encourage the plants to grow stronger, deeper roots.

Finally, and most importantly, apply an autumn-winter lawn feed. Choose a formulation that’s low in nitrogen but rich in potassium and phosphorus. This will help your plants cope with frost and shrug off common lawn diseases.  Click here to order autumn-winter lawn feed online

Trim hedges

Hedge cutting is best done when the plants are dormant and outside of the bird nesting season. A neat and tidy hedge is a strong architectural feature in a winter garden and will keep its shape well into spring and early summer.

If you have a native species hedge it will likely be covered with berries at the beginning of autumn. As well as being beautiful, these are such nourishing bird food it would be a shame to relegate them to the compost heap. Please try to defer your hedge trimming until the berries are all gone.

Sweeping and tidying

It’s amazing how a quick de-clutter and a whizz round with the broom can rejuvenate your garden. Most importantly, mud, dust and fallen leaves on paths and patios can soon turn to slippery slime in winter weather. So an autumn tidy up will ensure that your garden feels safe all year round.

Planting spring-flowering bulbs

The first flowers in spring are a great mood booster. Spotting that first splash of colour reminds you that better weather is on the way. It’s time now to plant snowdrops, crocus, daffodils and tulips. Why not pop a few bulbs into a planter that you can see from your kitchen window? That way you can enjoy them without stepping out into the cold.

tulips and muscari in unique planter

I love this unique planter filled with spring-flowering bulbs.
If you’re feeling crafty why not buy some low-cost frost resistant planters from the garden centre and decorate them yourself?


Pots and planters

I like to use pots and planters to inject a temporary pop of colour into the garden. Buy primroses, evergreen shrubs, variegated ivy and other pretties from the garden centre to create a welcoming arrangement by your door. When spring arrives, you can replace these planters with pots full of colourful spring bulbs.

Garden improvements

What did you least enjoy about your garden over the summer? Was there too much maintenance? Not enough colour? Would you have liked more shade or somewhere to cook? Now is the time to review things and think about any changes you’d like to make.

Bear in mind that creating your ideal outdoor space involves working with a garden designer and landscaper to plan and build your dream garden. Garden design takes a lot of careful thought – it doesn’t happen overnight. And then the best landscapers often have a waiting list. So if you are hoping for a new garden to enjoy next summer – autumn is the time to start the wheels rolling.

Contact me, Dan Richards on 01278 722 959 to discuss your ideas, or visit my portfolio page for some inspiration.

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