Bringing autumn colour into your garden

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As the days get shorter and the temperature drops it’s tempting to spend less time in the garden. However, when you know how make the most of autumn colour in the garden, a little time out of doors can be quite uplifting.

Ways to bring colour into your garden in autumn

Plants for autumn interest

As summer fades, the emphasis falls more onto foliage to provide colour in the autumn. Trees and shrubs have the most amazing (if fleeting) colours at this time of year. But if you are not a fan of clearing up fallen leaves, why not take a look at some of my other favourites.

autum planting combination orange rudbeckia with grasses

I love the combination of grasses with rudbeckia. These plants are easy to care for and the flowers will continue to provide colour until the first frosts.

Grasses – feathery fronds hit their prime in late summer – they take on an ethereal appearance when the sun shines through them.

Berries – some of the most beautiful berries appear on low maintenance shrubs. Shrubs like pyracantha take very little attention but have wonderful blossoms in spring and stunning fruits in autumn. Birds and bees will appreciate the food source too.

Evergreen foliage plants – Heuchara’s are a garden staple. They are available in some stunning colours and the leaves are a great shape.

For planting inspiration, why not spend some time in one of the wonderful gardens that are open to the public. I quite like Kilvercourt Designer Village – not least because the whole family can find something here to enjoy.

Dress your autumn garden with furniture

Autumn is a time for snuggling around the fire with hot drinks. You can make your seating area more inviting with cosy blankets in autumnal colours and maybe a firepit too. If you don’t have a pergola or a shelter in your garden, maybe now is the time to plan one for next year.

Autumn Themed Pots and planters

Enjoy the rich colours of autumn by planting up some big pots with seasonal finds from the garden centre. If you feel artistic, you could create an arrangement with potted plants, colourful gourds, lanterns and other accessories.

Don’t forget that the colour of the pot matters too. Perhaps, instead of focussing on the plants you could the actual containers to give a pop of colour.

Hard landscaping

When I’m designing a garden I think very hard about how the permanent features will look in each season of the year.

sawn rainbow paving with autumn colours

As colour fades in the rest of the garden, the eye is naturally drawn to this rainbow sawn patio. It’s warm tones and fascinating patterns bring an extra layer of interest.

Or, how about using texture instead of colour – like this stone circle.


stone circle with intricately shaped pavers

Garden Lighting for Autumn Interest

The ultimate garden design trick for creating a beautiful autumn garden is to incorporate lighting. Somehow the comforting glow of outdoor lights draws me away from the TV and into the garden where I can find a little headspace. Friends and family love it too and oftimes a late Sunday lunch is followed by coffee in the garden and before we know it, the sun has gone down and we’re happily chatting away beside the firepit with the lights on.

garden lighting for pergola and seating area


If you are thinking of landscaping your garden or updating your planting plans and need some advice, please get in touch with Silver Birch Gardens or visit our portfolio page for ideas and inspiration

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