How well does your garden rank in our quiz?

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How well does your garden rank in our quiz. Take our fun questionnaire to help you identify how well your garden complements your lifestyle and decide what changes you’d like to make.

For each of the statements below, give your garden a score between 1 and 5, where 1 is very weak and 5 is fantastic. At the end of the 10 question quiz, add up all of the scores, and see what the final tally means for your garden.

brightly coloured summer planting plan

  1. My garden has plenty of storage space for bikes, tools, etc
  2. I have somewhere pleasant to sit and relax outdoors when the weather is good
  3. All of the paths and patios are in good condition and easy to access
  4. My garden is attractive all year round
  5. The front driveway is welcoming, safe, and attractive
  6. I enjoy maintaining my garden and it’s not too much work for me
  7. There’s lots of wildlife interest in my garden
  8. I feel that my garden is nice and secure and I have enough privacy.
  9. Everybody in the family can find something to do in my garden and it’s safe for my pets as well as for visitors of all ages
  10. I like cooking and eating outdoors and can happily do so in my garden
  11. Every single square metre of my garden looks great and is used to its full potential
  12. My garden is well-lit and I can enjoy it as much in the evenings as I can during the day.

Quiz results. How well did your garden score?

45 – 60 High Score – well done!

Well done, your garden sounds as though it’s doing a great job of looking after your wellbeing. If you enjoy gardening, you might want to take a quick look at lower scoring answers and see if there’s anything you can do to get nearer to a score of 50. Perhaps some lighting? An irrigation system for summer, some more wildlife friendly features or a refresh of the planting. Use the links at the bottom of the page to check out my blogs for inspiration.

31-45 – Room for Improvement

Hmmm it sounds as though your garden is getting there but would benefit from the odd tweak or two.  What is it that doesn’t quite feel right for you? Does your outdoor space need restyling or do you need some ideas to cut down on the maintenance? Maybe you need to redesign your driveway so that it adds value to your property.

Silver Birch Gardens are here to help you feel happier about your garden. Call or email us for a chat or click on the links at the end of this article to research garden design ideas that could overcome your problems.

16-30 Full of Potential

Your garden probably has more potential than you realise. It doesn’t matter if it’s small, large, sloping or flat, sunny or north facing, overlooked or secluded. The Silver Birch Gardens team are bursting with ideas to make your garden unique, attractive and just right for you.

Why not ask us to design a new garden for you? You’ll be amazed at how a space can be transformed.

Visit our portfolio page for some great “before and after” stories.

1-15 Needs Help

Judging by your quiz results, it sounds as though your garden needs help in a hurry. Especially if what should be a restful haven is affecting your mood. Every garden should be safe, easy to manage and truly enhance its owners’ lifestyle. Whether it be a safe play space for children and pets, somewhere to grow food, a fabulous entertaining space, or somewhere quiet and private where you can read a book and reflect on life.

Start by writing a wish-list but don’t look at garden features just yet, think about what you would like your garden to do for you. Would you like storage space so that you can move clutter out of the house? Somewhere undisturbed where you can enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening? A place where you can nurture fruit and vegetables? Safe paths and resting places so that you can stretch your legs and get close to nature?

garden design before and after

Before and after.  This homeowner in Wembdon was at a loss as to how to make her front garden and driveway more attractive and accessible.
Dan sweeping steps surrounded by exotic planting to make the journey to the door easier and more interesting

However you want to use your garden, we can help. Call Dan on 01278 722 959 for an informal chat and a solution to your problems.

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