What does a new garden cost?

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A new garden can add value to your property and joy to your life but of course there will be an initial outlay. In this article we ask “what does a new garden cost?” and look at ways to get best value for money.

What costs are involved in creating a new garden?

  • Designing the layout and researching suitable products
  • Groundworks – contouring, drainage and soil preparation
  • Waste disposal
  • Materials for hard landscaping– including fixtures, fittings and the bits you might not see in the finished garden
  • Labour – wages and any on-site facilities needed
  • Plants

Garden Design Services

3 d garden design

A professional garden designer can help you to imagine how your new garden will look before you spend any money on landscaping. 

I would advise anybody wanting to makeover their garden to use the services of a professional garden designer. Landscaping is far more complex than celebrity gardeners and popular TV shows make it appear. A lot of thought goes into making sure that a space is user-friendly, safe, manageable AND beautiful.

A good garden designer will be able to create a master plan for a garden that can be built within your total budget.


The most important part of landscaping is what happens to the ground before the garden build begins. It’s about preserving soil structure so that plants can thrive, but at the same time, providing a safe and solid base for hard landscaping features. Mistakes at this stage of building a new garden can cause major problems. And nobody wants their patio to flood, their home to become damp or their fence to fall over.

contouring a sloping garden using a mini digger and retaining walls

Contouring a sloping garden using a mini-digger. All of this rubble and waste will need to be taken off site for recycling.

Waste disposal

Before you can build a new garden, you need to clear away any unwanted vegetation, structures and materials. All of those bits and pieces need to go somewhere. Whether you are doing the work yourself of employing a professional landscaper, expect to run into costs for skip hire and/or taking waste to the local tip or recycling centre.

Materials for hard landscaping

Material costs do vary – and so do their properties and their suitability for the project. It’s important to research the market carefully and not be swayed by first impressions. Talk to someone with experience of the industry, find out how different materials behave in different situations. Choose not just what you think looks best, or seems to be best value but what you will be able to enjoy and care for the lifetime of the garden.

sawn rainbow sandstone laid to create a patioseries of garden terraces with gravelled surface and steel ballustradetimber deck with steps leading down to artificial grassporcelain paved patios with turfed lawns in a contemporary garden

Four gardens each using different hard landscaping materials – all are beautiful, all have different material and installation costs

Labour costs

Speaking from experience, it’s cheaper to hire a professional than to try and create a new garden all by yourself. Landscaping requires a big range of skill sets as well as specialised machinery which can be expensive to buy or hire. Bear in mind too, that landscaping can be messy. A skilled landscaper will bear the cost of the machinery, work quickly and keep mess to a minimum. In return for labour costs you will have a new garden that is finished to a very high standard.

You will doubtless recieve varying quotes to have your garden landscaped. Please don’t be tempted to accept the cheapest quote without asking yourself WHY it is so cheap. Are the other quotes excessively priced or does the cheaper alternative involve cost cutting exercises that could undermine the standard and the safety of your new garden.


Plants provide the finishing touches to any garden. If you are not particularly green fingered you can easily lose a lot of money by buying plants that just will not thrive in your garden. A professional garden designer/landscaper understands plants and knows what will suit the conditions in your garden. If you are bringing mature trees or shrubs into your garden, your landscaper will know how to plant and stake them so that they have the very best chance of enhancing your garden for a very long time.

Ask your landscaper about the size and maturity of the plants they intend to establish into your garden. A lot of money can be saved by planting herbaceous perennials supplied in 9cm pots. The plants will be small to start with, but within 1-2 seasons you will see a dramatic change in their size and their visual impact.

tree fern in domestic garden setting

A beautiful tree fern looking perfectly happy in this garden.
These plants are quite valuable, so it’s always wise to seek expert advice before planting them – just to make sure that they will thrive in your plot.

So what does a new garden cost?

In short, it depends on the size of your garden, the complexity of the design, the materials chosen and any challenges that the site may pose. A 200m2 sloping garden is likely to cost more than a 200m2 garden on level ground with no complicated utilities beneath the soil.

Get a quote for your new garden design and build

For more information about designing and building new gardens in the Somerset area, please Contact Daniel at Silver Birch Gardens

The Association of Professional Landscapers can also offer advice on finding a trustworthy landscaper

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