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Which garden design trends will you be enjoying in your own garden this year? Here’s what Dan anticipates will be on-trend for 2021.

The COVID 19 crisis has made people focus their activities much closer to home than ever before. At the time of writing, we’re less than one month into 2021 and already it’s clear which garden design trends are likely to be the most popular.  Here’s a quick rundown of the most frequently requested garden design features for this year.

Sustainable gardens

Garden design is all about creating gardens that reflect their owners’ personalities and ethics. One thing that more and more clients are asking for is sustainable gardens.  People are thinking carefully about how their lifestyle affects the planet and they want to do more than simply recycle their plastic bags.

Sustainable garden design involves responsibly sourced materials, trying to reduce the carbon footprint involved in building and maintaining the space and of course, increasing biodiversity wherever possible.

More and more people are asking for features such as UK sourced natural stone, green oak structures, and beautiful, bee-friendly planting.

natural timber raised bed

This wonderfully curvy raised bed built from sustainably sourced timber will eventually wrap around a comfy seat so that garden visitors can sit surrounded by luxurious planting

Growing your own food

Lockdown 2020 and worries about the availability (and cost!) of fresh food after Brexit, people are feeling a little braver about growing their own food. Trust me, it’s not difficult and you don’t have to turn your garden into an allotment to do it.

We’re welcoming the Grow Your Own garden design trend. It’s bringing an interesting new aspect to our work.  We’re incorporating some pretty greenhouses and potting sheds into client’s designs. Adding, raised beds that be used for either food crops or flowers and specifying fruit trees for all year round interest.

Working from home

The more time we spend at home, the more important our gardens become. The need to work from home is not going away in a hurry. In fact, it’s becoming a new trend all of its own.

Do you need a garden to work from home successfully? Well, speaking from experience, I’d say it helps. It’s a place to retreat to when the ideas aren’t flowing. Outdoors is where stress dissipates best and a great garden makes a wonderful background for video chats.

Why not free up some indoor space by creating a garden office? You can landscape the garden so that the office is completely separate from the house and your commute to work is a real joy.

Garden lighting

Modern garden lighting is unbelievably flexible and it makes a real difference to your outdoor space. Long, languid summer evenings are extended by gentle outdoor lighting. Gloomy winter days are brightened by a tinkling winter wonderland outside your window.

Connect your garden lighting to a smartphone app and you can change the view into your garden without leaving your armchair.

Multi-functional outdoor spaces

Our gardens need to work harder for us and for the planet. Garden design allows you to plan and create multi-functional spaces. Imagine a place where you can homeschool the children, train the dog, harvest fresh veggies for tea, write an email, read a book, relax with friends, cook pizza, and so much more. And all the while, your garden will be supporting local wildlife and doing its bit to improve air quality. WOW – how amazing would that be?

The first step in garden design is to list all of the things you want your garden to offer. Everything. From improving the value of the property to supporting your physical and mental health. The longer the list the better.

3 d garden design

Carefully thought out garden design allows you to fit a lot of features into a small space.

Shapely curves and sweeping lines

One garden design trend that is starting to emerge, is the swap from minimalist straight lines to sensuous curves. Curves are a great way to indulge your curiosity – there’s always something hiding just beyond the next bend. And of course, curves are better at bringing us in touch with nature. They are reminiscent of wild spaces – rarely do you see a straight line in nature. Rivers meander, tree branches swoosh, plants take on curvy shapes, animal tracks snake across meadows – nature is all about soft shapes.

curves are the new garden design trends

Garden designer Dan Richards is a big fan of curves – imagine how this garden will feel once the beds are crammed with plants.

Gentle colours

Rarely do we see a cacophony of colour in nature. For the most part, gentle greens and browns provide a restful background to human life.  Occasionally, meadows and river banks might be dotted with bright flowers or interrupted by the flash of a colourful bird, but on the whole, it’s the colour green that is most calming.

The desire to get back to nature is definitely influencing garden design trends. Fences are being replaced by hedges (great news for wildlife) while hard landscaping reflects the colours of natural stone and seasoned timber.

What’s on your garden list for this year?

Are you thinking of a garden makeover? Which garden design trends most appeal to you? Or do you have a style-setting idea of your own?  If you need help turning your ideas into a workable garden design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dan at SilverBirch Gardens. You’ll be amazed at how a designer’s “touch” can transform your outdoor space.

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