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A selection of garden designs from Silver Birch Gardens that include a with pergola for shade, shelter and irresistible appeal.

Many of my clients ask me to include a shelter of some kind within their garden makeover and so here are some examples of pergolas that I’ve included in my own garden designs and landscaping projects.

Walk Through Pergola With Climbing Plants

Every pathway in your garden should form part of a journey – hopefully a pleasant one.  So even if you are just nipping to the shed to get the lawnmower out, or popping the recycling into the wheelie bin, why shouldn’t you get a little dopamine hit from it.  A walkthrough pergola allows you to get from A to B whilst cocooned by beauty.  

Imagine strolling around your garden with a cup of coffee in hand, and breathing in the scent of a delicious honeysuckle or a classic English rose.  

Or how about a walkthrough pergola with a more practical application? In the gardens of Kentwell Hall in Suffolk, they train edible squashes to grow over a pergola.  When the fruit is ripe, it’s easy to pick.  I’ll admit it’s a bit of a trek from Somerset to Suffolk, but if you are holidaying in East Anglia, it’s well worth a look. Particularly for the topiary version of the Pied Piper of Hamlet story…Awesome!

3D rendered garden design for timber pergoal with circual patio surrounded by lush planting

Two separate walk through pergolas are almost like cloisters in this courtyard garden.  The generous use of climbing plants adds height to the garden and also helps to create a microclimate within the space.

Sturdy timber pergola for outdoor dining

No doubt about it, a pergola really can extend the amount of time you spend in your garden every day.  If your pergola has a tiled roof, like the one I built for a client in  South Petherton, light drizzle won’t bother you and you can happily eat al-fresco almost all year round.

This sturdy timber construction will still be offering protection from the elements when I’m well and truly retired.  I love the use of traditional oak – in my eyes, it will never go out of fashion.

timber pergola with white porcelain paving beneath

Garden pergola for evening entertainment

In my view, lighting makes any pergola more exciting. And a pergola makes garden lighting more exciting too!  Having that structure allows you to bring light to a larger area of the garden and can really entice you out of the house and into the great outdoors. I

In this garden, the pergola has been used for comfy seating, but it could equally as well house a hot tub or an outside bar.

professionally built garden with timber structures and evening lighting

Contemporary designed pergola

If a traditional timber pergola doesn’t appeal, how about a contemporary aluminium structure? Built to order and available with features such as louvred roofs and removable sides, they’re incredibly adaptable and suit gardens of any size.  

Position your pergola close to your property and it can become an extra room for dining, cooking, relaxing or even working from home.

Don’t forget to design your garden so that you have good access to your pergola and a great view from inside the structure.  Paths, planting, lighting, art in the garden and stylish furniture will all help you get the best possible return on your investment.

3d garden design for back garden with pergola and three circular lawns in a row

There’s no better way to make sure that your pergola will suit your property, garden and lifestyle than by investing in a professionally created 3D garden design

If you need help with garden design – call or email me to arrange a consultation.  I’m sure that I can create a 3D garden design that will completely change the way you feel about your outdoor space.

Contact Dan at Silver Birch Gardens to discuss your pergola plans

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