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Dan shares photos of some of his favourite hard landscaping projects to help anyone looking for garden patio ideas.

As much as l love the beauty and the benefits of plants, I can’t help admitting that it’s the hard landscaping parts of a project that really fire up my imagination.  I love that there are so many types of surfacing available to modern landscapers. And I love that they can be arranged and combined in so many unique ways.

No matter how large or small your garden may be, or what style your property is – there will be garden patio design that’s absolutely perfect.  All you need to do is find a garden designer and landscaper with the imagination to create something unique.

Here are a few of garden patio ideas from the Silver Birch Gardens project portfolio.

Small garden patio 

small curved patio in natural limestone

This garden was a joy to work in.  I love this little area of paving beneath the window which is connected to a tiny patio and a seating area by stepping stones.

We’ve chosen a natural stone slab for this and laid the slabs diagonally to the building.  We’ve added an elegant curve and edged it with brick pavers to match the slabs.  Using different shapes of paver creates an interesting pattern – reminiscent of the crazy paving of the 1970’s – but rather more orderly!

Creating texture

textured patio using slabs and setts

Large areas of hard landscaping can become – well – boring.  For this garden we’ve used different shapes, sizes and configurations of stone to create visual interest. But we’ve kept the colour consistent throughout to avoid sensory overload.  A low wall and a change in texture makes it very clear that there is a step between two levels in the garden.

A patio for a summer house

a summerhouse helps you to use your garden more

Rainbow sandstone was the surface of choice for this neat little patio in front of a summerhouse.  It’s the perfect place to set up a bistro table and chairs on a sunny day.  I just love how the client has brought in potted plants that complement the colours of the stone. Very clever!

Porcelain Paving

porcelain patio adding value to property investment

Porcelain paving is a modern phenomenon that has changed the way we landscape and care for our gardens.  Stain repellant, easy to clean, slip proof and oh so stylish, it’s practical as well as beautiful.

The options for porcelain pavers are vast.  Everything from the deepest black to the purest white.  You can even buy porcelain paving that looks just like timber.  

If you love the idea of an indoor-outdoor lifestyle – use these pavers inside the house as well as for the patio. Your living space will flow seamlessly from the house to the garden.

Want to add more interest? There’s no reason why you can’t mix and match colours. Porcelain paving also looks spectacular when edged with natural stone setts.


recessed patio lights in large, stepped sandstone patio

For safety around steps – and to create a wonderful ambience after dark, recessed lighting is idea.   This patio has a perfectly level surface, the skilled landscapers at SilverBirch Gardens have fitted the lights flush with the stone and all of the wiring sits safely under the patio.

It’s always good to think about lighting before you start laying your pavers – that way you’ll have a much neater finish.

Having fun with shapes and colours

When it comes to hard landscaping, most things are possible. If you want bespoke stone or reclaimed stone, give your landscaper plenty of time to source them and then revel in their uniqueness.

Here are a couple of fun garden patio ideas that I’ve brought to life. I just loved building that scrabble board!

stone circle with intricately shaped pavers


bespoke tiling scrabble board for a garden makeover


I hope  that my garden patio ideas have inspired you to be creative in your own garden.  Need help?  Click here to contact Dan at SilverBirch Gardens

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