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Good quality landscaping can really help you to make more of your property investment. In this article we offer inspiration for exterior works to really add value.

For most of us, the biggest financial investment we’ll make in a lifetime is in property. Whether it be a home or business premises, value for money is important. And if possible, most of us will want to add value.

Adding value to your property has a 3-fold effect. Firstly, it becomes better place to spend time. Secondly, your property becomes more desirable and therefore easier to sell, and thirdly, one would hope that investing in improvements actually increases the sale value and the profitability.

Landscaping is often overlooked as a means to add value to a property but it truly can improve your life and bring a better return on your investment.

Adding kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is a term used by estate agents to describe the attractiveness of a property at first glance. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a nicely landscaped front garden and driveway instantly puts potential buyers in a positive frame of mind. Conversely, a neglected or untidy approach to the building forms a negative impression of the whole property.

attractive paved entrance to country style property

A pretty entrance way to welcome you home and impress visitors. Landscaping to create kerb appeal is a great way to look after your property investment

Removing barriers to a sale

Some buyers are looking for a “do-er upper”. In other words, a property where they can add character, value (and profit) for themselves. Most however, want to move straight in with no major works.

Would a dishevelled back garden put a buyer off? Possibly. But certainly a discerningly landscaped space certainly makes a property more attractive. Especially if it features neutral tones and opportunities to personalise the planting and accessories to their own taste.

back garden before landscaping with tired patio and uninspired planting

Before: This back garden in Burnham lacked the “wow” factor.


newly landscaped back garden with modern patio and country style planting

After landscaping: A new patio with clean lines and neutral colours, neat edgings and soft planting makes this back garden far more attractive.

Creating a better lifestyle

Not everything is about money. Value – is about what something is worth to you. And being able spending time in your own little retreat is priceless in my opinion.  As are little details – having a mud-free entranceway for example. The cost to create a small patio is small compared to the inconvenience of washing mud off the floor on a daily basis.

back door with secure fence and neat, easy to clean pavers

Modern back door with secure gate and easy to clean paving. A little bit of landscaping makes life much easier!

beautiful garden with large patio and steps leading to lawns

Landscaping has provided something to tempt every member of the family into this garden. A beautiful patio area for relaxing and entertaining, planting to create a peaceful haven and a play area for the young at heart. What a fabulous way to add lifestyle value to a property.


Improving your property

TV shows such as “Grand Designs” and “Homes Under The Hammer” put a huge amount of emphasis interior styling as a way to add value to a property. But rarely do they highlight the potential of the outdoor space.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of adding value to your property value through landscaping, please get in touch for an informal chat.

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