Preparing your garden for spring

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When it’s gloomy outside and the whole garden looks sorry for itself, it’s time to start preparing your garden for spring. Here are my top 3 jobs to help you get ready for spring.

1: Pre-Spring gardening jobs

Weather permitting, there are some jobs you can be doing outdoors to help prepare your garden for spring.

  • Trim hedges and edges
  • Keep paths and patios well swept and clear of dust and debris
  • Brush artificial grass to perk up the pile (not on frosty days though!)
  • Apply anti-algae treatments to timber decking and composite decking
  • Identify areas that need repair and book tradespeople to help you
  • Start chitting potatoes and sowing seeds indoors to get your allotment garden off to a good start.
  • Take photos of areas you’d like to look better next winter and plan the changes

2: Plan for success

Do you wake up every morning, look out at your garden and feel privileged to have such a beautiful space on your doorstep? Or is it just a bit meh? What could change that feeling?  A better layout? A co-ordinated planting scheme? More wildlife? Now’s the time to plan for a more beautiful and usable garden.

You’ll need a big sheet of paper, a pen, and at least half an hour.

  1. Divide your piece of paper into 3 columns.
  2. Think back over the last 12 months. How did your garden perform? Use the left hand column on your paper to list you loved and what didn’t bring you joy. This is column A
  3. What are you dreaming of for next year? More colour? Less work? Parties? Barbecues? List these things in the right hand column. This is column B
  4. What does your perfect garden look like? Ideas go in the right hand column
  5. Now use the middle column to jot down ideas for changing the things in A to things in B


simple garden layout with all year round interest

An uncluttered garden layout with lots of interest all year round. This plot in Rodney Stoke is easy to maintain and looks fabulous in the spring sunshine

Typical garden improvement ideas

Last year your garden felt too hot and uncomfortable to use. This year, you’d like to spend more time outdoors. The solution could be to create a shady spot with lots of jungle-like plants that will help cool the air.

Maybe felt the garden was a bit bland last year – not much colour in it. This year you’d like it to be more vibrant and exciting. The solution could be to plant lots of flowers, or it could be that you’d like to use bright colours to create a useful structure such as an arbour or a shed.

Did you feel you spent too much time working in the garden last year instead of relaxing? Maybe you need to re-think the plants and materials – swapping some high maintenance features for lower maintenance alternatives?

Are you a party animal with nowhere to go? Could your garden become an all year round entertainment space? Paved or decked surfaces, some shelter, a nice barbecue and seating area with shelter and lighting – boom! Let the party begin.

large patio for outdoor entertaining

Enlarging your patio area and installing discreet lighting creates a great place for relaxing during the day and entertaining in the evenings

3: Get in touch with your landscaper and bring your plans to life

Leaving your landscaping plans until spring could mean that your first choice of landscaper will be fully booked and you have to join a waiting list.

If you are planning some changes to your garden, whether it be to the layout or the planting, I wholeheartedly advise you to contact your landscaper as early in the year as you possibly can. That way there’ll be plenty of time to explore the options and develop the design.

Dan at Silver Birch Gardens is on hand to discuss your ideas and price up your projects. Call or email today to arrange a design meeting.

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