Spring Gardening Jobs To Prepare Your Garden For Summer

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Just like any other room in your house, your garden will benefit from a spring refresh.  Here are my top spring gardening jobs to prepare your garden for summer.

  • Clean Patios And Paths 
  • Scarify and Feed Natural Lawns
  • Spruce Up Artificial Grass Lawns
  • Inject A Pop Of Colour (furnishings, pots, plants)
  • Prepare For A Waterwise Summer (water butts, mulch)
  • Light Up Your Garden (clean existing fittings, install new lighting system)
  • Look Back And Review Your Garden’s Winter Performance

porcelain patio with garden table and chairs

Clean Patios and Paths

Even the most beautiful gardens will accumulate a bit of dirt and dust over the winter period. And so one of my first spring gardening jobs to prepare your garden for summer, is to give patios, paths and hard landscaping features a good clean.

Gravel paths can be raked over and any weeds removed or treated.  

Stone or porcelain paths and patios should be swept first and then gently rinsed with a hose. 

Please be wary of using a pressure washer – they’re quite harsh and can easily damage the surface of the stone itself or the grout.  If your patio is very dirty, apply warm water with some mild detergent mixed in and gently scrub with a household broom to dislodge the dirt before rinsing it with clean water.

How to clean a patio without using a pressure washer

Porcelain cladding can also be washed using diluted dish washing detergent and a microfibre cloth.  Polish the surface afterwards with a soft cloth – just as you would your bathroom tiles.


Scarify and Feed Natural Lawns

The lawn is the one part of the garden that you barely notice – unless of course, it looks dreadful.  However, without a lawn, your outdoor space would look very different indeed. It provides a background for everything else in the garden – the plants, the hard landscaping, the furniture and even the children’s toys.

Every established lawn will benefit from being aerated and scarified in spring. Both of these are mechanical interventions that improve the growing conditions for your grass plants so that they can cope better with wear and tear.  You can hire machinery to make these tasks easier, or you can invite a lawn care provider to carry out the service for you.

Once your lawn has been aerated and scarified, apply a spring/summer lawn feed according to the manufacturers instructions.  This, along with the right mowing regime, will help ensure that your lawn performs magnificently all summer long.

Take a look at this video to for some timely lawn care tips


Artificial Lawn Care

Artificial lawns are undoubtedly low maintenance. But they’re definitely not NO maintenance.  They do benefit from a good clean once or twice a year.  Without it, Mother Nature will find a way to claim back the land.  That means moulds, moss, and even weeds.

Start by giving your artificial grass a good sweep with a soft rubber-bristled broom to get rid of any dirt and debris and to revive the pile.

If you feel that your artificial grass needs a bit more of a refresh after that, you can invest in some of the wonderful cleaning products available online.  If you have pets, you may want to choose a deodorising artificial grass cleaner.

Inject a Pop Of Colour Into Your Garden

Colour really can influence your mood.  Bringing a bright pop of colour into your garden will only encourage you to step outside and enjoy your space more often.

Why not treat yourself to some new cushions and blankets for your garden furniture? Or plant up some containers with brightly coloured seasonal flowers? 

If it works for your garden design, paint your fence or shed in one of the incredible outdoor wood treatments available from your local DIY store

You might want also to invest in some garden art – stained glass pieces look amazing with the sun glinting off them.  They’re also super when backlit in the evenings.

blue rattan garden chair with colourful accent cushion

Prepare To Be More Waterwise This Summer

I always try to incorporate water saving features into my garden design and landscaping projects. Our summers seem to be getting hotter and dryer.  And if you don’t want your garden to look like a desert, then you need to think about conserving water all year round so that you have a ready source for plant watering if you need it.

If you haven’t already done so, consider installing some water butts to catch the runoff from sheds, summerhouses and even your home.  At the very least, you should be adding a thick layer of mulch to your beds and borders while the soil is still damp.  

Light Up Your Garden For Summer

In the last paragraph we touched upon the perils of summer heat for plants. But what about you?  In really hot weather, the only time of day when it’s comfortable to be outside in the garden is evening time.  One of your spring gardening jobs should be to create a holiday atmosphere in your garden with some outdoor lighting. 

For best results, consult a garden designer and ask for a lighting plan.  That way you can be sure of creating the right ambience for relaxing or entertaining out of doors.  Ideally, you will be able to source a solar powered lighting system, but remember, if your lighting plan involves wiring fixtures into the mains, the law says that the work MUST be done by a suitably qualified electrician.

For existing outdoor lighting systems, giving all of the fixtures a quick spring clean will make sure they give you the effects they’re supposed to.  Be sure to check the manufacturers guidance on how best to clean them.

garden lighting scheme with exotic type plants lit from beneath

Look Back And Review Your Garden’s Winter Performance 

As soon as the sun pops out from behind the clouds in springtime, we all tend to put the winter behind us and look forward to summer. But winter will be here again before we know it, and if your garden let you down last winter, it will do so again next winter.

Once you’ve completed all of your spring gardening jobs to prepare your garden for summer, make yourself a cuppa and think back to December and January.

Could you use your garden? If not, why not?  Was it too muddy? Too dark or too boring? What problems with your winter garden would you like to be able to solve?

When you looked out of the window, were you happy with what you saw? You don’t need to be IN your garden to be able to enjoy it. So would you like to have seen more colour, more structure, more wildlife activity? or all three of those things?

NOW is the time to start planning your winter garden. Particularly if you need help from a garden designer and a landscaper.  Most garden professionals get booked up months in advance.  And so although it feels alien to start planning a garden makeover months before you want to see the results, it’s important that you start talking to the experts as soon as possible.

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